Electrical Redesign – More Battery

As of the last revision of my camper’s electrical system, I had two battery banks with the ability to charge both and switch between them as needed. Under normal use, the AGM battery bank would barely last one night, and only if it were fully charged late in the afternoon. To balance the utilization betweenContinue reading “Electrical Redesign – More Battery”

Roadside History, The Iron Brigade

Roadside historical markers are often interesting. For example, while wandering around in North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota last fall, I found several rest area signs documenting the various trails and canoe routes used by 18th and 19th century fur trappers. Apparently it was desirable to trade your furs outside the territory controlled by the NorthContinue reading “Roadside History, The Iron Brigade”

IoT – Dumb Camper gets Smart(er)

I’ve made progress on the information screen that I want to incorporate into the camper. As hinted at in the message bus post, I’m using a 7″ Nextion display and an ESP32 to create a touch screen interface into the temperature and electrical data that I’ve been gathering on the camper and uploading to theContinue reading “IoT – Dumb Camper gets Smart(er)”

Swamp Tour II – Summary

We got back to Minnesota (and cold weather) last week. Smooth trip, no issues. Spent quite a few nights in Louisiana State Parks, hit a handful of wildlife refuges, and visited family in Houston. We covered the same general area as “Swamp Tour I“, but skewed towards the east just a bit. This trip startedContinue reading “Swamp Tour II – Summary”