Rooftop Solar – Magnetic Mount

A year ago I bought a couple of portable solar panels, thinking that they would be useful for charging the batteries in cases where we camp more than a couple days in one spot. At the time, running the engine didn’t charge the batteries very quickly and running the generator was (and is) far tooContinue reading “Rooftop Solar – Magnetic Mount”

Battery Monitoring – You can never have too much data

I have been monitoring battery status with a pair of Thornwave battery monitors. They work OK, but because they do not log data. I have to be within Bluetooth range to check the batteries. There is no history, so I have to guess what happened when I’m not around. Ideally I could continuously log dataContinue reading “Battery Monitoring – You can never have too much data”

Portable Solar

Make a note. Compressor refrigerators are nice, but they draw significant amounts of power. Ours is large, poorly vented and poorly insulated, so it sucks (power). We’d like to be able to stay away from electric campgrounds more often, but because the 200W of rooftop solar doesn’t keep up with the refrigerator, our battery capacityContinue reading “Portable Solar”