Electrical Redesign – More Battery

As of the last revision of my camper’s electrical system, I had two battery banks with the ability to charge both and switch between them as needed. Under normal use, the AGM battery bank would barely last one night, and only if it were fully charged late in the afternoon. To balance the utilization betweenContinue reading “Electrical Redesign – More Battery”

Nerd Post – Controlling Refrigerator Fans with a Microcontroller

No travel on this post. Just nerd stuff. 🙂 We’ve been mucking around with the refrigerator since the campervan was new. Coachmen didn’t vent the fridge properly and issued a service bulletin to correct the venting. My glorious dealer claimed to have fixed the issue. I discovered that not only did the dealer do aContinue reading “Nerd Post – Controlling Refrigerator Fans with a Microcontroller”

Scope Creep – Rebuilding the Rear Cargo Area

What started out as a solar project ended up as a carpentry, upholstery and sewing project. Scope creep, for sure. We haven’t been camping in a couple of months and don’t have any big trips planned until fall, so now is a good time to creep the scope. Coachmen did a great job of hidingContinue reading “Scope Creep – Rebuilding the Rear Cargo Area”

Rooftop Solar – Magnetic Mount

A year ago I bought a couple of portable solar panels, thinking that they would be useful for charging the batteries in cases where we camp more than a couple days in one spot. At the time, running the engine didn’t charge the batteries very quickly and running the generator was (and is) far tooContinue reading “Rooftop Solar – Magnetic Mount”