Dinosaur National Monument

After driving across Thunder Basin we headed south and spent a night in one of the small county parks on the Alcova Reservoir south of Casper. The parks are primitive – vault toilets, no water – but decent enough. Some of the sites are right on the reservoir. There’s not much shelter or shade, soContinue reading “Dinosaur National Monument”

Black Hills, Thunder Basin

We’re back on the road, heading to Utah. Our route this time is via the Black Hills and Casper WY. We haven’t camped in the Hills in a long time – preferring to stay in the Badlands instead – so an overnight in Custer State Park sounded like a plan. It’s an expensive plan though.Continue reading “Black Hills, Thunder Basin”

Rush Hour in Wyoming, Camping in Idaho

Started the day with a bit of rush hour traffic. I’m not sure why, but they all decided to go to work at the same time. Just like in the cities. The ranchers waved us through the crowd and we were on our way. West to Idaho After a short stop at Fossil Beds NationalContinue reading “Rush Hour in Wyoming, Camping in Idaho”