Meeks Cabin

The plan for the day was to get somewhere near the Great Salt Lake without getting tied up in the metro Salt Lake City area. We crossed Wyoming on I-80, caught up on gas and fresh water, and I (not we) picked a National Forest campground for the night.

I’m not familiar with camping in this area, and it’s not possible to see how busy a campground might be if it doesn’t take reservations, so picking a forest service campground can be hit or miss. If it’s off the beaten path, even more so. The Utah State Parks near Salt Lake City seemed pretty busy through the weekend so I suspected that the nearby forest service campgrounds would be too. Using my random logic generator and biological artificial intelligence, we picked what looked like a nice campground, headed down from I-80 to the Wyoming side of the Unita Mountains, down a dozen miles of poorly graded gravel to the campground that I (not we) chose.

Either I suspected wrong, or we are off the beaten path, or both. As I write this, Meeks Cabin Campground has exactly one site occupied (ours), the water is shut off, and the pay station is covered over.

It’s quiet and the surrounding woods are beautiful. No campers means no generators. No cell service means I’ll have to catch up on my stack of unread New Yorker and Atlantic magazines.

Peaceful. Unlike the Vedauwoo campground though, this one has no hiking trails, so we won’t stay long.

Dinner in the Unitas. Grilled chicken, spinach ravioli, mozzarella, tomatoes and a cabbage salad. And of course a bit of red wine.






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