Swamp Tour II – Summary

We got back to Minnesota (and cold weather) last week. Smooth trip, no issues. Spent quite a few nights in Louisiana State Parks, hit a handful of wildlife refuges, and visited family in Houston. We covered the same general area as “Swamp Tour I“, but skewed towards the east just a bit. This trip startedContinue reading “Swamp Tour II – Summary”

Badlands Less Traveled

After a couple of nights in the southern unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park we drove the seventy-five miles up to the northern unit and camped for the night. Another hot and dry day, with temps over 90F in the late afternoon. The northern park is much quieter, with fewer campers and far less traffic.Continue reading “Badlands Less Traveled”

The Other Badlands

Our target for this trip was the North Dakota Badlands – I.E. Theodore Roosevelt National Park. After a couple days in North Dakota State Parks, we’re now camping in the National Park campground, situate in a cottonwood grove in the Little Missouri River valley. Like in Minnesota, there is a bit of fall color hereContinue reading “The Other Badlands”

Shanty Town, Minnesota Style

Sort of …. After leaving the Big Bog bombing range I headed up to the Canadian border. We can’t visit Canada of course, but we can get within a stones throw along the Rainy River. Heck – we could even throw a stone across, get a Canuck to throw one back and start a borderContinue reading “Shanty Town, Minnesota Style”