Trail 793

Back on the road, at least for a couple weeks.

We started week or so late, mostly because the time that it took to recognize that our refrigerator wasn’t working, compounded by the delays in getting a warranty replacement from the factory in B.C. Fridges ship freight, not Fed Ex or UPS. New (refurbished) fridge seems to work. But it’s not hot outside, so it’s hard to tell for sure.

We’re in Vedauwoo National Forest campground in Wyoming, chilling for the day. The campground is in the Laramie Mountains just off I-80. It’s quite picturesque, fairly quiet, and has nice three mile trail looping around some of the rock formations.

After a days drive from a state park on the Missouri River in South Dakota, we pulled in late yesterday afternoon and got the last level site. Which happened to be the last open site. Luck, not planning.

Laramie Mountains

It was going to be an overnight stay, but sunny 70’s and a nice trail is keeping us here another day.

Trail 793

Trail 793, the Turtle Rock Trail, is an easy three mile loop around the base of Turtle Rock.

Trail 793

As far as the technical side, the Transit is running great; the portable solar panels are working as expected; and the Python scripts are measuring power, creating graphs, and uploading to Blynk anytime we have Internet.






One response to “Trail 793”

  1. Ed and Joan

    Must have passed you on the road. We have been in some of the same areas in the last two weeks.

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