Swamp Tour II – Summary

We got back to Minnesota (and cold weather) last week. Smooth trip, no issues. Spent quite a few nights in Louisiana State Parks, hit a handful of wildlife refuges, and visited family in Houston. We covered the same general area as “Swamp Tour I“, but skewed towards the east just a bit. This trip startedContinue reading “Swamp Tour II – Summary”

Hanging Out in Bayou Country

We camped at six different Louisiana State Parks in eight days. Can’t sit still for some reason. 😁 With a campervan it’s easy to move to a new spot, so rather than coming back to the same spot after a day of touring, we just grab a spot at whatever park happens to be nearby.Continue reading “Hanging Out in Bayou Country”

Another End of the Road…

Our next ‘end of the road’ was a day trip to Cypremort Point State Park on the Gulf. We wanted to see the Gulf and put our toes in the water. The blast of cold that’s running through the south meant that the temps barely hit 50F.  Cold north winds made it a poor dayContinue reading “Another End of the Road…”

The End of the Road…

We were in Louisiana a year ago on what ended up being a swamp tour. This year we’re back in the same area, partially because it’s so different from other parts of the country, and partly because it’s one of the few places east of California that is not expected to get too far belowContinue reading “The End of the Road…”