Another End of the Road…

Our next ‘end of the road’ was a day trip to Cypremort Point State Park on the Gulf. We wanted to see the Gulf and put our toes in the water. The blast of cold that’s running through the south meant that the temps barely hit 50F.  Cold north winds made it a poor day for relaxing outdoors.

The road to the point gave us a flavor of this part of the gulf coast. It’s essentially all lowlands and salt marshes, interspersed with ‘islands’ a few feet higher than the surrounding land. The ‘islands’ might be populated, might have an extraction or other industry, or might be farmed (sugar cane, I think). It’s easy to see why an area like this would get flooded during a hurricane and why many houses are built on tall pilings – it’s barely above sea level and flat as a pancake.

Interesting to me was the interspersion of nature and industry, and of rich and poor. Wildlife in the shadow of oil extraction facilites. Derelict shacks down the road from gated communities, million dollar houses and half-million dollar yachts.

Perhaps pictures are better than text.




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