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  • Black Hills, Thunder Basin

    Black Hills, Thunder Basin

    We’re back on the road, heading to Utah. Our route this time is via the Black Hills and Casper WY. We haven’t camped in the Hills in a long time – preferring to stay in the Badlands instead – so an overnight in Custer State Park sounded like a plan. It’s an expensive plan though.…

  • Eighty on Eighty

    Eighty on Eighty

    The fastest way to drive across the northern plains is to hit one of the Interstate highways, set the cruise at 80, and zone out for a day. Much slower, but it far more interesting is to pick one of the even numbered US highways and drive through the small towns, past the farms, fields…

  • Mako Sica

    Mako Sica

    For many, the South Dakota Badlands are a drive-by on the way to the Black Hills or Yellowstone – a short detour off I-90 through what would have been wasteland in another era. The beauty of the Badlands isn’t fully appricated through a car window at 25mph. Hitting the dirt – hiking the footpaths and…