The End of the Road…

We were in Louisiana a year ago on what ended up being a swamp tour. This year we’re back in the same area, partially because it’s so different from other parts of the country, and partly because it’s one of the few places east of California that is not expected to get too far belowContinue reading “The End of the Road…”

Tracing the Trace

We’re back on the road and back down south. The intersection of medical appointments and the weather have caused us to leave a bit early and have nudged us much further east than expected – we’re in Mississippi, not Utah. Maybe more that a bit. The blast of cold that’s supposed to hit half theContinue reading “Tracing the Trace”

Dodging Tumbleweeds

We spent a good part of Saturday dodging airborne tumbleweeds. Our trip from Palo Dura Canyon through the Oklahoma panhandle and southern Kansas put us in an area of strong southerly winds – 30mph with gusts to 40mph. The weather service issued Red Flag warnings for the area. We passed through Beaver, Oklahoma just aheadContinue reading “Dodging Tumbleweeds”