On the road again

It’s still winter in Minnesota. We got over a foot of snow a late last week, followed by a blast of below zero temps. So picking a day to leave can be challenging. We like to leave when it’s above freezing for a couple of days. It’s much easier to de-winterize at home instead of in a campground on the way south.

We were hit by a band of sleet and ice overnight. I got up this morning and thought “The weather outside is frightful”. It’s hard to pack the van when rain drops keep falling on my head. The roads were not terribly slick though, so we figured we could head south and get out from the worst of it. If all else failed we could drive slow and pass the time by singing in the rain.

Once we got a few hours south of the Twin Cities, I could see clearly now (the rain had gone). It was much nicer driving on dry roads.

We saw some flooded fields in Iowa:

“How high’s the water mama?”

“Two feet high and rising”.

They must have got a bit of rain.

It got nicer as we drove south. In northern Missouri I thought to myself “Hear comes the sun”. Upper 50’s & sunshine felt good.

We’re headed south and west, destination uncertain, southern Utah preferred. As long as we don’t Let it snow! we’ll be fine. I heard that It never rains in California – so perhaps if Utah doesn’t pan out we’ll end there.

The answer my friends, is blowin’ in the wind.






One response to “On the road again”

  1. Big Foot

    With the rain out west. Wildflower bloom in death valley again! Josha tree is supposed to have another great flower show. East slope of the mountians to the west of US 395 north of mojave. Great yr for flowers but it might be a bit early! Watch for those small town campgrounds where one nite is free, google that feature. Take your time, look down you mite be walking on thousands of small flowers.


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