Falling for Fall…

… colors. Westward we go, but this time we’re leaning a bit towards the north of west, rather than south of west. We left a yesterday after replacing the psycho-random refrigerator thermostat, and will be back home in time for various appointments. Our target is the North Dakota Badlands & Theodore Roosevelt National Park. TheContinue reading “Falling for Fall…”

Shanty Town, Minnesota Style

Sort of …. After leaving the Big Bog bombing range I headed up to the Canadian border. We can’t visit Canada of course, but we can get within a stones throw along the Rainy River. Heck – we could even throw a stone across, get a Canuck to throw one back and start a borderContinue reading “Shanty Town, Minnesota Style”

Someone Lost Their Forty

A hundred-twenty years ago lumber was big in Minnesota. The forests in Michigan and Wisconsin were used up. Demand was not used up. Minnesota was next in line. In an era where the natural resources existed to exploit rather than enjoy, most of the valuable trees in Minnesota were logged out and sent down riverContinue reading “Someone Lost Their Forty”