To Utah, or not to Utah: that is the question

I recently was asked “If I’m driving through Utah, what should I see while I’m there?”. A few decades ago, my impression of Utah – having never been there – was that it was dirt, rocks, abandoned uranium mines, a smelly salty lake and tee-totaling Mormons – none of which were interesting to me. ThatContinue reading “To Utah, or not to Utah: that is the question”

Old Bones and Crowded Overlooks

Today’s adventure started with a trip to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in the Jurrasic National Monument. The quarry is the site of the densest collection of Jurrasic dinosaur bones ever found. Fossils and replicas are on display in the visitors center and the dig site. There were only a handful of visitors when we wereContinue reading “Old Bones and Crowded Overlooks”

The Scenic Beauty of Nine-Mile Canyon

Here you go: 😂 We heard that Nine-Mile canyon was worth the drive. It was roughly on the route from Dinosaur National Monument down to Huntington, so we decided to check out the canyon on our way south and west. It’s notable for the thousand-year-old petroglyphs and rock art left by the Fremont and UteContinue reading “The Scenic Beauty of Nine-Mile Canyon”