Re-insulating the fridge – chasing my tail

After running for a year with my modified refrigerator compartment venting and insulation, the Nova Kool compressor fridge is still barely keeping up on a hot day. I had to pull the fridge again anyway (to replace the insulation that I pulled when fixing the drip) so I figured I’d try to add a bitContinue reading “Re-insulating the fridge – chasing my tail”

Battery Monitoring with Thornwave

Last summer I added a 100 amp-hour lithium (LiFePo4) battery to the campervan, and last fall I switched out the OEM flooded lead acid batteries for a pair of absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. In the current setup: The combination works OK under most conditions. In moderate weather, the AGM’s will run the fridge andContinue reading “Battery Monitoring with Thornwave”

Campervan – Lagun Table Installation

The Coachmen Crossfit/Beyond 22C comes with a not-too-useful 12″ by 28″ dining table – not even big enough to hold a couple of plates. Apparently Coachmen thinks that people don’t eat in campervans. Or don’t eat off plates. The dining table doubles as a filler piece to fill in the foot of the bed whenContinue reading “Campervan – Lagun Table Installation”

Drip… Drip… Drip…

When we left Minnesota the weather was well below freezing so I decided to forgo de-winterizing, leave without testing the water systems and instead do that once we got to where it was consistently above freezing. That meant that if I had a problem with the pump, water heater, tanks or plumbing I would findContinue reading “Drip… Drip… Drip…”

Out with flooded, in with AGM

The Coachman Crossfit came with a pair of no-name 100AH flooded lead acid coach batteries. For an RV with a compressor refrigerator, the 200AH of conventional lead acid battery wasn’t really enough. If the fridge ran too often I could barely make it through the night on the OEM batteries. To help extend our off-gridContinue reading “Out with flooded, in with AGM”