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  • The Atomic Prairie

    The Atomic Prairie

    One of the ‘features’ of modern civilization that presents itself here on the northern prairie is the presence of a major portion of the US’s offensive nuclear weapons. The northern plains are a former and current home to nuclear armed strategic bombers and ICBM’s. There were a thousand Minuteman silos scattered across the plains at…

  • The Free State of George Floyd

    The Free State of George Floyd

    Controversial. Interesting. For background, read: ‘It’s for the people’: how George Floyd Square became a symbol of resistance – and healing | George Floyd | The Guardian or The Changing Faces of George Floyd Square: Dispatch from Minneapolis –

  • Traveling the Southern Border

    Traveling the Southern Border

    If you travel close to the southern border you get used to crossing borders. Not the international borders as determined by wars, coersion or purchases, but the border as determined by CBP – Customs and Border Patrol. Their border is not where internationally recognized lines on maps might be, but rather wherever they decide the…

  • The Chiricahua Apaches

    The Chiricahua Apaches

    In nearly every place I’ve been, I’ve found something interesting to learn about. Sometimes it’s geology, sometimes wildlife, or perhaps history. The last few days in the Chiricahua National Monument are no exception. This area of what is now Arizona and New Mexico was the homeland of the Chiricahua Apaches, led by familiar names like…

  • Hate for Profit

    As we were leaving a campground the other day we were alongside a group of people with a rented camper. They were attempting to fill the camper with water and dump the tanks. Pretty routine for travelers with RV’s. Those of you with campers know that there’s a pretty specific way of dumping and filling.…