I flew to Italy and drove a Lamborghini

A Lamborghini … Tractor. Everyone knows that real Lamborghini’s pull plows, right? 😁

The official story is that in the early 1960’s when Ferruccio Lamborghini, who had been manufacturing tractors for some years, found out that the clutch in his Ferrari was the exact same part as he used in his tractors he figured that if Ferrari could build cars using tractor parts, a tractor manufacturer like himself could build sports cars.

So he did. (Or so the story goes…)

Our host at the agriturismo farms tomatoes, melons and chickpeas using a couple of Lamborghini tractors. He also has an olive grove and a pomegranate orchard.

Confession – I didn’t actually drive his tractor (clickbait title 😎). I’ve spent enough time on tractor seats that there is no novelty anymore, even if it’s a Lamborghini. Farmall M’s are more my style. I have hundreds of hours of seat time on old tractors like those – plowing, cultivating, cutting and chopping hay, etc.

We’re back home, rested and unpacked.

In fifteen days we put about 1200km. (750mi.) on the rental car and spend about $100 on gasoline. The strong dollar made a difference – gasoline was $1.70/l, or about $6.50/gal. A hundred bucks got us about 15 1/2 gallons of gas – at almost 50mpg. Most of our driving was on rural roads with 50-90km/hr speed limits.

The agriturismo rooms and hotels were under $90/night, breakfast included. For the rest of our meals we alternated between local restaurants, local tavola calda (deli-prepared meals), sandwiches from a local alimentary, and self-prepped meals using the kitchenette in the agriturismo. Restaurants came in at roughly $20/person per meal, including wine. The other meals were less.

It’s nice to travel when the dollar is strong.






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