SPQR – Senatus Populusque Romanus

The Senate and People of Rome.

From where we are spending a couple of nights it’s a 3 euro & 20 minute train ride to the center of Rome. On the one hand it would be a shame to be 20 minutes from Rome and not visit the collosseum and forum. On the other hand, the center of Rome was flooded with tourists and far more crowded than on our other visits in years past, making for a less interesting visit. We hopped back on the train after a walk around the colosseum and forum.

The good news is that the stadium construction scandal that I first reported on in 2009 has been resolved and the construction that was restarted that  summer has continued.

As the stadium is made of marble, the Italian authorities have brought in a gigantic marble-making machine. They should have no problems maintaining a supply of marbles sufficient to complete the stadium.






8 responses to “SPQR – Senatus Populusque Romanus”

  1. Bigfoot

    “Supply of marbles”? Is this an artificial marble machine? Marble is a grade of limestone. At kasota mn, they mine a pink grade of marble. My father was a mason, his highest rating was marble setter. Yesterday at Mayo we were on floor 17, looking out the window you could see close up some defects in the materials after almost 50 years. Did not get a huge amount of time to stare out the window as I had another appt in the sublevel to end my day.


    1. Humor. The two posts in my other blog that I linked to set the stage.

      1. Bigfoot

        I did not know you tried fiction! But you left out how King Phillip of France robbed the stadium of funds by persecuting the templars and not repaying the large sums he borrowed. Nor did you mention the Popes involvement with the templar’s final moments.


      2. Ole Login

        And then the price is right features a roman trip in the showcase today! A tour of the delayed construction that we have been speaking og

      1. Nice find.

      2. Ole Login

        It really just popped up in my daily reading, if not for your blog i would have just skimmed over it! 3-5000 wpm is a curse! But all curses have some high points!


      3. Ole Login

        And they all have their heads!

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