Piccolo Grande Canyon

We’ve not been to Texas in a decade – the last time was a ten day stay at Big Bend – so a detour to what looked like a decent Texas State Park was in order. Palo Duro State Park seemed like a good place to visit.

The Park claims that that canyon is the second largest canyon in America, after of course the Grand Canyon. I cannot determine the truth of that claim, but I can say that it is a grand canyon – even if much smaller than the Grand Canyon. So I’ll call it the little grand canyon.

View from the canyon rim near park entrance

The Park is nestled at the bottom of the canyon and the Texas park system has provided plenty of trails and campsites.

The canyon exposes a few hundred million years of rock and sediment layers that have not been tossed around by geologic forces. That makes for a decent visual experience – the various layers are clearly visible, and you can follow the layers as you traverse the Park.

The canyon also has a sad history of Native American vs. white man conflict. Another tragic story of a free people defeated and losing their freedom – this time Kiowa, Commanche and Cheyenne suffering defeat and a long walk to the reservation, and ranchers claiming the land.

It time to head north. I’d hate to head the wrong direction though. Fortunately I have my trusty compass, and for good measure, a couple of backups.

Should have no problem figuring out which way is North. 😁




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