On Camping

I grew up in a family that camped early and often. We were classic 1960’s tent campers, familiar with the outdoors, campfires and nature. Sleeping under canvass and stomping around in the woods were second nature.

Camping, 1965

I never really stopped camping, though my style evolved over time, from car/tent camping to wilderness canoe camping…

…and when ‘I’ became ‘we’, back to car/tent camping…

…to a hard-sided travel trailer…

…and finally to a cargo van based ‘Class B’ RV.

Once we bought the travel trailer, I started winter camping in Minnesota State Parks.

For now we’ve settled on a camping style – ‘camping as a means to support access to nature’ – rather than ‘camping as a destination’. That’s what steered us towards the small RV, We think it’s the best way to support traveling close to nature.





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