Organ Pipes

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument abuts the Mexican border in south-central Arizona. The Monument encompasses and preserves a part of the Sonoran Desert. The landscape is dominated several mountain ranges, the desert floor by saguaro and organ pipe cactii. If you are a fan of desert landscapes and nature, the Monument is worth a visit. It is a fairly quiet, out of the way destination with extraordinary scenery and plenty of hiking opportunities. The winter climate is very pleasent.

We were here for a half-day visit a few years ago and decided to revisit, this time staying a bit longer and camping in the Monument. After relaxing a few days in Patagonia State Park and checking out the nearby birding hotspots and the Patagonia-Sonora Preserve we headed down to Organ Pipe.

While in the Monument, we hit a few trails, took in some of the desert, tracked down a couple of unique birds, and caught a couple of sunsets.

A place to visit, revisit, and revisit again.






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